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Learn abacus online with Hitendra

Learn Abacus Online

Learn abacus online course is designed online in Hindi – English mix so kids can access anytime and anywhere in the world, in this online course kids can learn Mental math and improve their concentration learning ability, visualization skill, Photographic memory, self-confidence.  


The origin of counter abacus with strings is however unknown but it was used in India, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Later China played an essential role in the development and evolution of abacus. The most popular abacuses are the roman abacus and the Chinese abacus span pan.


About Teachers

Learn Abacus online, mental maths development

Hitendra Makvana Founder of Learn abacus online

Hitendra Makvana is Founder of learnabacusonline.in established abacus institute Geniplus Kids Academy in 2007, the main purpose of academy is to educate 5 to 14 years Kids, Academy offer Brain Development Activities like Abacus, Rubik’s cube, Handwriting etc, with his Web development and abacus skill he is here to Educate every kids in the world.

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Only in few months have seen the differences in Vidhi and Kush. I Like the strategies, various techniques and practice methods, Learn Abacus Online course uses for Brain Development. It’s great program. Definitely kids have improved concentration memory power and learning skills. They have more confidence and most of all they love to learn Abacus.

Mrs. Chhayal Patel, U.S.A.

My friend's two kids completed Abacus course with Mr. Hitendra Makwana via online tutoring. During the Math competition, I saw my friend's son outperformed other kids with speedy calculation. So I enrolled my daughter Aarya to learn abacus taught by Mr. Hitendra Makwana via https://learnabacusonline.in/ (online) weekly lessons. He offers weekly lessons of 1.5 to 2 hours at a very reasonable fees accepted via paypal. Till date, my daughter has completed 7 months of learning Abacus and I can't say enough about how valuable he has been in improving my daughter's math skills. He is an amazing Abacus teacher, very organized and he has understandable approach to teaching Abacus. I am glad I have chosen him to teach my daughter. Thank you Mr. Makwana.

Mrs. Dipti Patel (Columbia, USA)

"A very helpful and a perfect teacher to learn Abacus step by step"​

Mrs. Shruti Yadav Avyaan's Mother

"Very good platform to learn abacus online for kids & for parents also. Sir teaching is very good and understandable." Thank you sir.

Mrs. Sanchita Jadhav, Hitanshu's Mother

What Makes Us Different From Others?


As the course is online and lifetime access you can free to access and grab knowledge anytime in day or night it's totally upto you


Through this course I will help you in developing your kids whole brain


I am working as a brain development coach since 2007 and helped thousands of parents to develop their kids Brain


You can reply in this course if any guidance is required


I had made this course through my experience teaching thousands of students of different ages in easy and effective way


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. 5 to 14 years kids can join this program and boost their hidden power of brain.

Ans: The abacus and the counting boards were the aids which were used to ease the calculations. In no way it can be compared with the calculators that we use today. While using these aids the person is actually doing the calculation on his mind, the abacus is only helping him keep a track of his calculations; which make the mental calculations much easier.

Ans: There are weekly approx 2 hrs main class (can access any time) and kids have to do daily 10-15 min online practice.

Ans: this is online course so kids can learn from home.

Ans: There are total 8 Levels Each level of 3 Months.

Ans: After enrollment each student will get their Online course lifetime access and also receive Abacus tool and Book at their Address* (within India no extra cost will apply*)