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To encounter the fear of Maths and make every kid confident in Mental arithmetic, more confident, boosting their Memory and unused brainpower. No shortcut only follows the perfect Methods are our Motto!


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Hiten Makvana is Mastermind of LearnAbacusOnlin.in, established abacus academy in 2007 which was advanced into Geniplus Kids Academy for Kids. the main purpose of G.K.A is to educate 5 to 14 years kids, G.K.A offers Brain Development activities like Abacus, Rubik’s cube, Handwriting, Calligraphy, etc., in Anand.
5 to 14 years of kids, generally during this period of the age is Developing Brain Age so Hiten Makvana came out with this forge ahead idea of learnabacusonline.in The Video tutorial of each Abacus chapter with online and offline assignments, tests and Exams is shown above. This provides the Abacus tool (a device used for calculation which effective and faster than calculator) and Level Book set.
This course is specially designed with very easy steps and in case any learner finds the issue then the solution will be available personalty on Skype.

If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start education children.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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