Online Brain Development Summer Camp

Kids Are wonderful and we make their Brain Wonderful

What Kids Will learn in 30 Day without Going Anywhere

These all courses value worth More than 18000/- INR enroll now and get an early bird discount price Just 2200/- for first 20 students

Duration 30 days : Weekly 5 Days daily 2 Hours

Are you looking for an engaging and stimulating summer camp experience for your child? Look no further! Our summer camp offers a unique blend of educational and fun activities designed to keep kids engaged, active, and learning.

At our summer camp, kids will have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will serve them well into the future. Our program includes a variety of exciting activities, including abacus training, Rubik’s cube challenges, basic coding lessons, and art and craft projects.

At our summer camp, we believe that midbrain activation is an essential tool for every child’s success. By activating and balancing the midbrain, children can unlock their full potential, making learning more accessible, enjoyable, and effective.

So, if you want your child to excel in academics and have the confidence to face any challenges that come their way, our midbrain activation classes are the perfect addition to our already exciting summer camp program. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your child the gift of a brighter future!

Abacus training is an ancient method of mental calculation that is still widely used today. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through the basics of abacus calculation, helping them develop mental agility and sharpen their math skills.

Midbrain activation is a unique and exciting aspect of our summer camp program. Our midbrain activation classes are designed to help children develop their brain’s potential, enhancing their learning abilities and boosting their confidence.

During our midbrain activation classes, children are taught various techniques to activate and balance the midbrain, a crucial part of the brain responsible for processing sensory information. This helps to improve their cognitive abilities, memory retention, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

The midbrain activation classes are conducted in a fun and interactive way, with games, puzzles, and other activities that engage the children’s brains and keep them entertained. Our experienced instructors use cutting-edge techniques and tools to provide a safe and effective learning experience.

Rubik’s cube challenges are a great way to improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Our instructors will teach your child how to solve the cube, as well as advanced techniques for faster solving times.

Finally, our art and craft projects offer a chance for kids to explore their creative side. From painting and drawing to sculpture and collage, our art instructors will guide your child through a variety of projects, encouraging them to express themselves and develop their artistic talents.

These all courses value worth More than 18000/- INR enroll now and get an early bird discount price Just 2200/- for first 10 students